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The LINE app is transforming the way people communicate, bridging family and friends for free with voice chats as well video calls. With stickers that make you express yourself in ways never before possible, this platform offers new features every day to help your life become more convenient!

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Get ‘on LINE’now!

A great discovery tool used by many around the world its easy-to-use interface will have all ages hooked on what they offer here at home or abroad thanks not only to its vast selection but also because everything can be sent straightaway from one device to another without fussing through email addresses, etc.

Ready to dive into deep conversations with your friends? Get the most out of Facebook Messenger by using LINE. With voice and video calls, you can enjoy exchanging messages as well! Plus find stickers that are uniquely yours or customize an emoji theme depending on what looks good in each situation – all from one app: Line.

Now you can share your thoughts and what you are up to with your LINE friends on the LINE Timeline.


The use of a data plan or connecting to the Wi-Fi is recommended while using the app.

Use the app with Android versions 6.0 or above for a better experience.

If you are out of storage or you don’t have a stable internet connection, the app might have a problem getting installed.




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