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The Logo Maker is an easy-to-use logo-making app that allows you to create stunning logos with text and images. You can choose from over 100 categories for your design, including Fashion, Photography/Videography (including 3D), Cricket Music, etc., which makes choosing what kind of company or organization it represents very simple!

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Create Original Logos

Logo Maker App is a versatile logo design suite that will make your life easier. This handy app provides you with the ability to create an original, and customizable one-of-a-kind mark for any project from start-up businesses or projects in need of cool graphic designs like logos!

Wide Range of Templates

Whether looking through our massive database full of free templates; customizing colors using an intuitive color picker tool – allowing users more control than ever before over their brand identity creation experience.

Unlimited Logo Design Options

Logo Maker is a free app that offers thousands of logo design ideas. Whether you’re looking for simple or creative, unique logos to customize your business cards with our powerful and professional tools! This way it can be used by both experienced designers who want an easy-to-use toolkit as well beginners just getting started in this field.

Interactive User Interface

The Logo Maker has been designed so anyone could easily navigate through all pages within the application without any problem whatsoever which makes it perfect not only if people have no previous designing experience but also professionals because they’ll find everything right there at their fingertips when needed most – from font selection and color choices down to border thicknesses.


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Logo Maker App 38.7 Update

The updated version includes Gaming Logos, improved app experience. The added Layers Module will be helping the users in designing the logos.

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