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The Lords Mobile App is just the game for you if you are ready to battle in a world of magic. Recruit heroes from various backgrounds, dwarves and mermaids alike, and take up arms against your enemies! Fight all kinds of powerful foes with spells that will stun them or make their heads explode like an overfilled water balloon. With its cast of lovable characters who each have special abilities not found anywhere else on mobile games this app truly stands out among other apps vying for players’ attention.


The Lords Mobile app 2.55 update includes a new mode, Feudal Rally! This game type is only available to players at the castle level of 25 or higher and will include District Forts that can be battled for by using rally attacks. To keep things fair, both modes alternate with one another in future events so stay tuned on their Events Board for notices about upcoming event timings and rules as well as updates on changes such as Battle Royal prize rewards including Mythic equipment up top 1st place prizes while upgrading second and third places winners’ shares from Rare items to ones also made out of Mythics (time-limited).

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