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LuluboxPro App is a game plugin for Android that allows you to create new accounts and play games like a pro! Remember, LuluboxPro won’t unlock all skins unless the app is opened through it!

Lulubox Pro allows you to use your original account in FreeFire while creating new ones with this one-stop-shop of apps that make playing these kinds of immersive mobile experiences possible without any sort of consequences or negative effects on either side; whether they’re good or bad. Do keep in mind though if using Parallel Space (another tool like this) alongside LuluBosh, remember to open up FreeFire only when running things through the former because there isn’t anything special happening otherwise.

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Premium features

If you like your gaming casual and don’t want to bother with hack skills, mod packages, or rooting devices, LuluboxPro is the game for you. Our quick updates ensure premium features are never obsolete and our plugins make gameplay easier than ever before!

The best online mobile platformer that’s free-to-play has just released a new update: get playing now on Android or iOS today at

With LuluboxPro you can:

  • Unlock the Battle Bus and Specialist Outfit for free in Fortnite. 
  • Get unlimited coins, keys, crowns, etc…in Subway Surfer with our generator tool. Unlock all of these awesome skins to make your character stand out; Gachi-Bacca (PAYDAY 2), The Caveman (Caveman Warriors) & Timmy Bibblebottom(Rise Up). And finally, use our instant chatroom where you can discuss anything related to games or modding!
  • LuluboxPro newly supports 5 types of UI skins and all are free to use. It will be so cool while recording PUBG battles! Only LuluBoxPro can give you this skin, which is the coolest yet.
  • Luluboxpro is a plugins sharing platform that empowers gamers with management tools for mobile games world-widely available on Android or iOS operating systems. Our main purpose enables users to better gaming experiences by managing popular games installed in their devices through our secure environment protecting user information during gameplay sessions without compromising performance quality. We help run your favorite game faster & smoother by providing an organized space where updates occur seamlessly!
  • LuluboxPro lets you upload your plugins to share, master games like a boss!


Managed your games, and got everything collected; Plugins offered. Now use your imagination to its fullest extent with enhanced user experiences, improved game interaction designs! Upgraded functions make the program even better than Youtube Downloader.

LuluboxPro Video Browser allows you to download and save videos directly onto your Android device. Open a video site in LuluboxPro, find the movies or clips that interest you, then click the ‘download’ button at bottom of the screen. 10x Faster HD Downloader for mobile devices—install LulubaxPro now!

LuluBox Pro Video browser allowed all users to download and save their favorite videos straight from an android phone/tablet with just one press of a button after finding them online via scrolling through different sites such as YouTube, Facebook, etc. 

Addictive games like Subway Surfers and Candy Crush receive free coins with unlimited lives. They can use our plugins to get more of this for their game!


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