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I’m Macrorify and I like to make things easier for people. With my Auto Clicker tool that helps you automatically click on a specific location when your character is in range of it during combat or questing… But there are so many more ways that MacroMaker can help! With Image Detection and Text Recognition tools, users will be able to save time by using macros even if they don’t know how to code them themselves.

Image Detection

I never touch a computer mouse anymore. My fingers are my primary interface and all I need to do is click, swipe, drag or pinch any surface with 10 fingers for the desired effect! Record your touches on surfaces like interactive screens to replay them at different speeds using Image Detection by Touché Systems

Text Recognition

Text Recognition is a new way to interact with your device without having to touch the screen or even look at it. Imagine if you could control everything by just using your voice, Text Detection, and Intuitive Interface! You can create custom UI’s in an easy-to-use interface so that it’s as efficient for you as possible. Best of all, this works on KitKat onwards too – no need for rooting required!

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EMScript is an exciting new coding language that will open up infinite opportunities for you and your friends. The beautiful simplicity of EMScript’s syntax makes it easy to learn, so why not try something different? You can even create macros with the built-in Macro Store!

Smart and Energy Conserving

The app is great at saving battery life by turning the screen off, pausing and resuming macros, enlarging specific areas of your screen for clicking purposes to make it easier on you. You can even limit how many items are shown on the computer’s display to save time! It also has some helpful features that encourage testing such as running certain actions within a macro while monitoring its progress or limiting what kind of information will be displayed during execution so you don’t miss any important aspects.

Contact the Developer for more Info

Do you have any weaknesses? This app might be for you. The app is not perfect, but we do our best to fix any errors that pop up so everyone can enjoy this service. If something went wrong after installing or updating the app please contact the developer on the website or reach them on Discord if possible and they’ll get back to it soon!


Macrorify has released a minor update that fixes bugs and adds new features. Developers now can lock macros by adding their account information, so if you want it locked then just add the developer’s name! The app also warns users when they attempt switching accounts without signing in first. This way your data will stay protected as well!

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