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The Madrasati مدرستي App is an innovative learning system that enables learners worldwide to take advantage of various learning activities that are available in a virtual environment. They can attend support and reinforcement classes through integration with Microsoft Teams, access diverse educational paths for meeting individual differences among students as well as having them learn using question banks including more than 100k electronic refereed questions from courses across all levels academia, and professional practice – both inside and outside their field.

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Unlimited educational assistance

With this huge offerings list, there is no limit on what you will be able to teach others or how much knowledge can help enrich yours!

Intuitive and thoughtful assistants

We all know that learning doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a gradual process, and it takes time to develop habits of thinking about new information for your brain cells’ networks of connectivity between one another grow stronger with practice so you can store more knowledge!

Dedicated instructors

The site offers students the opportunity to learn at their own pace without requiring them to be in front of an instructor or sitting down reading from a book while listening closely so that they can take notes on what’s being said aloud., giving everyone access no matter where you are located geographically as well as providing more opportunities than ever before possible because there isn’t always one right answer when coaching through educational material.

eLearning facility for parents and guardians

Sometimes parents need help too- which is why this interactive eLearning course was designed specifically as an educational tool not only for students but also their guardians or caregivers who might be able to get some tips on how best to assist them during study sessions at home.

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