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MEGA is a service that provides user-controlled encrypted cloud storage and chats through standard web browsers, together with dedicated apps for mobile devices. Unlike other providers in the industry, your data stays secure by being decrypted only on client devices–never stored or handled remotely!

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Share files anytime, anywhere

Upload your files from anywhere, anytime. Share folders with friends and see their updates in real-time! The encryption process means we cannot access or reset your password so you MUST remember it (unless have backed up) – otherwise, all of the stored data on that phone/tablet will be lost forever.

Secure medium

End-to-end user encrypted MEGA video chat is the perfect solution for those who are looking to maintain their privacy. It has been available through browsers since 2016 and now with our extension on mobile it’s easier than ever! You can add files from your cloud drive as well so there isn’t anything holding you back anymore. With total security, a 24/7 customer support team & a quick encryption process; we’re here when users need us most.

Storage options

  • MEGA provides an amazing 20GB of free storage for all registered users, and they also offer paid plans with much higher limits.
  • PRO-LITE subscription costs 4.99 EUR per month or 49 euros per year where you’ll get 400 GB in total space plus a 1TB transfer quota each month!
  • PRO I subscription: 9.99 EURO per month or 99 EURO annually gives you 2 TB of storage space and a 2TB transfer limit per month!
  • The PRO II plan at 19,99 Euro/mo is perfect if want to go bigger with your files and data – it will give you 8TB total on all servers combined (2×4). The most expensive package however offers 16 Terabytes for 299 euros yearly which makes it an excellent deal when looking from a year’s perspective too.


Subscriptions are automatically renewed for successive subscription periods of the same duration and at the same price as your initial period chosen. To manage your subscriptions, simply click on Google Play Store from where you can find the MEGA app to view all current offerings under each category or subscribe directly through it!

Subscriptions ensure that customers will continue paying a low fee every month, even if they decide not to renew their previous subscription before its end date; this means there’s no need for them to interrupt shipping by sending back product discounts – just let time do its thing until renewal notices arrive again automatically like clockwork without so much hassle or worry.

App Permissions

WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE:  to download your files from MEGA to your device and upload files from your device to MEGA

CAMERA: to take a picture and upload your photos to MEGA

READ_CONTACTS: to easily add contacts from your device as MEGA contacts

RECORD_AUDIO & CAPTURE_VIDEO_OUTPUT (mic and camera): MEGA provides for end-to-end encrypted audio/video calls

To heighten user’s faith in the MEGA system, all client-side code is issued so interested security researchers can assess the encryption process.


MEGA App 4.2.1 (399) Update

The new update contains bug fixes and performance improvements.

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