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Microsoft Excel is the best way to create, view, and edit your workbooks on the go. The app lets you do all that plus easily share them with others – making it easier than ever before for teams of every size (and situation) to get organized!

The spreadsheet application can be used in many different ways; from creating personal spreadsheets about school or sports activities over upcoming weekends plans, managing bookkeeping data during an accountancy class so as not to miss out on any transactions while taking notes pertaining directly related thereto. You’ll also find countless business uses like crunching numbers behind closed doors before meeting up later.

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Instant data analysis

Data is everywhere, and Excel can help you analyze it. With a few simple clicks on your phone or tablet screen, get access to everything from spreadsheets that summarize large sets of information with ease for easy sharing across teams in real-time.

Get your data analysis on the go! You can now edit documents with confidence. When you’re not at home or work, move around as much information and charts without worry because they are always accessible via phone from anywhere in the world – even while flying over an ocean:)

The app does everything one would need when doing their day job but just needs access to any computer hooked up through wifi (and I’m sure most people these days have those). It has quick tools that don’t require opening another program like Microsoft Office; instead, users get all of this plus chart-making capabilities so it makes for easier workflow no matter what field professionals might find themselves working within.

Data analysis tools allow users not just to filter but sort columns according to specific criteria such as date created which is perfect when tracking progress overtime periods; other options include creating shapes easily by drawing out desired objects using tablets’ touch capabilities

Create spreadsheets and much more!

Create complicated spreadsheets to meet your needs with a variety of options and tools. Review charts or start building budgets while on the go, then save it for later in Excel’s robust formatting features that let you build exactly what YOU want! Keep one worksheet dedicated just for financials so everything is always at hand when needed – even if it is not right before taxes time around again soon enough.

Manage your tasks in no time

Excel’s modern templates let you manage charts, budgets, and task lists with ease. The data analysis tools are at your disposal to do calculations on spreadsheets or generate attractive reports of any kind! With rich formatting options like themes that make reading the information easy for everyone in an office environment because it is so readable regardless of what device they’re using – this program will have more than enough power to keep track of everything from books inventory all down through individual sales by month-no matter how many people work there!.

Various types of charts and graphs!

You can make charts and graphs that put your data in an interesting perspective. For example with the chart maker option, you get to highlight key insights by adding labels for different types of bars or pie charts!

No need for internet connection

Do you work on the go? With Excel for Android, there’s no need to worry about getting disconnected from your computer. Just open any file and make adjustments wherever! You’ll be able to review spreadsheets in real-time without needing an internet connection (saving money!), share them with others via email or social media instantly so everyone can see what has been done while still keeping track of changes across different devices–even unlock more features like highlight sections of the worksheet that would otherwise be hidden after only editing locally 

Create your workbooks to collaborate on! You can also share files and charts with just a few taps. Edit documents in Excel’s body or attach links so others read them too without having to install the software themselves. This is way more than just numbers – it’s all about collaboration at its finest.

Microsoft 365 Subscriptions App

Microsoft has just released a new app for Android! It’s called Microsoft 365 Subscriptions and it allows you to manage your subscription on the Google Play Store. You can purchase subscriptions through this mobile site, or by downloading from their website. The first 15 minutes are free so make sure that when signing up today is tomorrow before they’re all gone!


Microsoft 365 is a great way to get the most out of your computer. It’s free and comes with features that will make it easier for you. With an account, access information on any device (including tablets) as long they’re connected online through cloud storage services such as OneDrive or Skype integration so conversations stay in sync across devices even when offline; real-time collaboration while collaborating one on video calls using Office Communicator apps available both iOS & Android platforms which supports HD quality conferences at 1080p.


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  • Please refer to Microsoft’s EULA for Terms of Service for Microsoft 365 on Android.
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Microsoft Excel: View, Edit, & Create Spreadsheets App 16.0.14326.20140 Update

We’re always listening to your feedback and we appreciate all of the positive comments about our app. We’ve got new updates on their way, which include some great features as well as improvements for speed and reliability! If you haven’t already signed up with Microsoft 365 – now is a perfect time because it gets one month free when signing up before May 1st (rules apply). You can get special offers in here too if that sounds like something interesting enough.

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