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The Microsoft Family Safety app helps empower you and your family to create healthy habits, protect the ones that matter most with digital safety or a physical key from Fortnum & Mason. Get peace of mind for all members in ways parents have been wanting for generations–safely giving kids independence while still monitoring their every move!

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Microsoft 365 Family Subscription

Microsoft 365 Family is a subscription service that allows you to stay connected with your loved ones. You can use the family tracker app (available on Android and iOS) for location sharing as well as save frequently visited places like work or school – all to make sure no one gets left behind! With this new Microsoft feature, not only will they receive alerts when someone leaves their current location but also arrives at another destination; these insights include how many times during driving days people used cell phones while driving, etc. There’s even an option called “speed limit” where parents get notifications if there are any sudden changes from 80 km/h (50 mph) up until now observed by drivers about speed limits near their vehicle.

Weekly summary

Microsoft Family Safety is your one-stop-shop for the most optimal family technology. With features like activity reports, screen time, and online usage monitoring, you will know exactly how much it’s safe to let children be on their devices or use them in general without parental oversight—and get weekly email summaries telling parents about any trends they should take note of!

With it you’ll be able to enable location alerts and drive safety features that require permissions; only drive safe features are available in the US (for now), UK, AUS, or Canada though!

Screen time Tracker

Screen time is a tricky subject. It’s important to find the balance between spending too much on screens and not having any at all because those who are constantly plugged into social media can be detrimental for their mental health if they don’t take breaks from it every so often by going out or talking with friends face-to-face instead of online through texting apps like WhatsApp etc. 

Web filters

Kids can stay safe on the internet with these helpful features. Web filters keep them away from inappropriate websites, and content filters let you explore safely without having to worry about harmful sites being loading in front of your kids’ computer screens while they’re browsing around Microsoft Edge!

Get hold of your loved ones

Family Locator is great for parents who want to know that their kids are safe at home or on the way back from school; grandparents monitoring grandchildren after hours so there’s no need to worry about strange adults taking advantage during in crowds like parks & waterparks etc.; friends checking up on other buddies’ families as they come into town unexpectedly (elderly folks often rely heavily upon such monitoring). 

Microsoft Family Safety App Update

The new update contains bug fixes and enhancements for a better experience.


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