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Microsoft Office is a great way to store and access your work documents, even if you’re not at home or on the go. With features like Word that allow collaboration in real-time with others who have an account, it’s easy limitless creativity hassles are out there for all of us!

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Everything on the go

Do you have a business trip coming up? Or maybe an important project that needs finishing in time for the deadline and it’s just not happening with all these distractions around me at home! I’ve got some good news: Microsoft Office has everything on its side. With one app, instead of three different ones (Word/Excel), we can finally get back our focus so as soon as possible without feeling stressed out because something isn’t working properly or getting bogged down by constant errors messages from Google Drive where my computer files live now – things will be much easier than before thanks to this great new mobile OS update available right here for Android smartphones & tablets…

Smooth workflow

The Office App improves your workflow by seamlessly connecting you to the office applications. With cloud services and trusted security, it will help maximize productivity in both work or home life!

Office Lens

Office Lens is the perfect tool to make all your documents, whiteboards, and notes portable. Convert pictures of furniture into spreadsheets with just a snap or upload any photo for processing in seconds: it’s as simple as rolling over an image! With Office Lens on you’ll never have trouble capturing anything ever again because now there are no limits to what kind of things this app processes – not even handwritten ones (well almost).

PDF scanning and editing capabilities

With the PDF reader, you can access documents that have been signed with a digital signature; this allows for secure transactions between two parties involved in an agreement. • You can also add bookmarks to pages or rotate specific ones according to your preference when reading on the go without having to enter edit mode first!

Office Mobile Functions

Capture voice recordings and read them back with auto transcription. Catch up on meetings or openly shared videos right where you left off. Jot down thoughts and ideas, then save or share via Sticky Notes.

QR Scanner

QR Scanner enables your device to scan QR codes that will take users directly into connected websites; the option can also be set as an action for certain applications such as Microsoft Word so it is easier than ever before possible to work smarter not harder! The Documents function allows files stored internally within a phone (such as photos)to easily transfer over onto another mobile telephone.

Microsoft 365

The Microsoft Office app is available for free on any device and can be used to access documents saved in the cloud by connecting with an account from OneDrive or SharePoint. Logging into your personal Microsoft Account, work accounts connected via 365 subscriptions (or even school) will unlock premium features within this application!


  1. OS version: Android running an ARM-based or Intel x86 processor
  2. 1 GB RAM or above


  • There is an app for everything, but there are also some things that you should be cautious of.
  • This Microsoft Store and third-party apps might store your data in America or any other country where they maintain facilities to process it as well.
  • The information we request when signing up may include name (first & last), email address, mobile number if provided at registration time along with more specific details about age/gender selection; these will not be stored on file unless made public through subsequent actions like purchasing content from within this particular application.  
  • Please refer to Microsoft’s EULA for Terms of Service for Office on Android. By installing the app, you agree to these terms and conditions:

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