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OneDrive is a free storage app that lets you view and share files with friends, family members, or coworkers. You can also use One Drive to automatically back up your phone’s photos from different events in which they were captured so there will be no need for extra pictures taken by someone else!

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Cloud storage

With 5GB of cloud space available as well as upgrading options starting at 100 MBs per month ($1/month), it doesn’t take long before this becomes valuable information on how best to utilize our digital footprint today.

Microsoft OneDrive is a great tool to back up your photos and videos. The automatic photo backup when you turn on Camera Upload ensures that all of the moments, no matter how precious or mundane they may be are saved for safekeeping in Microsoft’s servers! With so many features available including file sharing with friends & family as well as access from anywhere (even if offline), this software couldn’t get any better than it already does at just 15 dollars per month – try out our free trial today.

OneDrive mobile app makes it easy to scan documents and send them digitally. You can also search photos by what’s in them (i.e., beach, snow) or name for your files with this convenient tool!

OneDrive Security

One of the most important features for any business is security. With OneDrive, it’s even more critical because all your files are encrypted at rest and in transit which means they can’t be accessed without permission from their rightful owner! You may also want to protect personal/sensitive information with an identity verification process like a Personal vault so that anyone accessing those files will have proof before proceeding further into whatever project or task has been given them by the you-the person giving access.

Share and save media

Collaborate in real-time with Microsoft Office files stored on OneDrive. The app works for both Android and iOS devices, giving you up to 5GB of free space if based solely on cell phone data plans! You can also share photos or save documents between them seamlessly too-without having the wait forever when trying to send over email attachments.

Upgrade your business to Microsoft 365

  • Do you have more than a few employees? If so, it’s time for an upgrade. With the new subscription options from Microsoft and OneDrive Premium features that come with every Personal or Family plan (depending on how many people are signed up), there is no shortage of ways this will benefit any organization looking forward to 2018!
  • Microsoft has been making it easier than ever to upgrade your Microsoft 365 subscription with their new in-app purchase. You can now buy a Personal or Family plan directly from within the app, and subscriptions will be charged only once per calendar year at $6.99/month no matter where you live! Even better? Any OneDrive standalone purchases made through this method also get billed on Google Play instead of Windows Store so they’re automatically renewing too- all without interrupting what matters most: Work seamlessly between desktop computers (or any other device) as if by magic.


This store provided by Microsoft may be accessed by its affiliates around the world so long as they maintain facilities there like those found inside US borders (or other countries). Data collected through usage of either instance could ultimately end up being transferred back home because that might make more business sense than any other decision made at first glance; however, wherever land falls under its jurisdictional reach remains unrestricted unless specifically outlawed.


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Microsoft OneDrive App 6.39 Update

You can now display your media files on a Chromecast receiver or TV from a compatible device. Look for a Cast icon showing in the top toolbar. We hope you enjoy this top-requested feature!

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