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Strive to become the best in your chosen field with MIR4! Will you be conquered by others or will you rule? Enter now and leave a legacy on our site.

In the land of MIR, there are three paths to choose from: a life full of adventure and excitement with hunting and gathering; a peaceful lifestyle where you live in harmony within your tribe or clan-the choice is up to you. Alternatively, if violence sounds more enticing then conquering over all other warriors through war may be an option for those who seek conflict


The beauty and elegance of oriental martial arts dances will entice you to experience the real-time fluid combat motions. The best part of MIR4 is that no matter what path you take, your character will still grow.

Tired of hunting?

Try gathering or mining! All the time and effort you put into playing never goes to waste because this game has a lot to offer every type of player.

AI system moderates transactions, identifying and preventing fraudulent activity to ensure a safe trading environment for all Warriors in MIR4.

A free-for-all looting system has been introduced where anyone can take loot from the dead. However, please be aware of others around you when attempting to do so!

Unlimited Rewards

MIR4 rewards you handsomely for your adventures with Blue Dragon Statues and Tokens of the Ancient Dragons. You can trade in these items at a vendor to purchase heroic equipment which will help you succeed within the land of MIR!

Exciting adventure awaits for you!

In MIR4, I battled from one challenge to the next as a member of my clan. We overcame countless challenges and death-defying situations for our Clan to be born! In this game, we faced epic battles with numerous glorious moments that will help us create an amazing legacy for ourselves.

From my battle to your war, Castle Siege. Endless exciting adventures facing life or death alongside friends. Compose an epic story through endless trials, at the end conquering every obstacle leading into birth! For honor and glory start now your journey within MIR4! 


Official Site:


App Access:

To provide a quality gaming experience, our software requires the following permissions:

For capturing and uploading images for ingame profiles, Photo Album and Camera permissions are required.

To use voice chat in instance parties, Microphone should be enabled

Android 6.0 or higher:

Settings > Apps > MIR4> Select Permission Settings, then set to allow or deny for each permission

Below Android 6.0:

Upgrade the operating system version, or delete apps that you don’t want anymore to change permissions settings

MIR4 App 0.271995 Update

Fixed some known bugs in the game and new products have been added.



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