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Mobizen is the best app for creating and editing videos on your phone. You can record any screen, even when it’s off! The Mobizen platform isn’t like other video editors that save locally; with this one, all of those videos are saved onto your device only so use them confidently. Plus it is easy to start/stop recording as well as freely pause while capturing – plus no need to sign-up or login because that’s what free apps do right?

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Simple to use

Mobizen App is the perfect way to take your video and audio notes. You can also share these clips with others in one simple click, making it easy for everyone on any device to get involved!

Do you want your first screen recording to be perfect? 

Then get clean, Quad HD (QHD) videos without watermark using the new and improved Clean mode. Record every detail of what’s on-screen with ease!

To express your reactions, record game sounds, and voices together!

Viewers can choose between short video clips or long screen recordings of more than an hour with the ease of saving directly onto an SD card. There is a variety in image-editing functions such as BGM creation for background music (in/outro) editing; trimming to remove unnecessary footage at either beginning/endpoints or within given time frames – no cutting is needed any more thanks to this neat tool that does all that hard work for you!

Stuff about the new version

In the new version of Mobizen, anyone can enjoy fun and exciting features without rooting their device. The app now includes screen recording for free! You also have more options when editing your videos: highlight important points with an Air Circle (mini type), time-bar, or transparent square-shape chart that’s available within each video setting option to create better memes on social media platforms like Twitter.


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You can revoke access rights at any time and set them to the app again if you want. You don’t have to agree with these optional privileges for use in order not to be limited by their terms!

Mobizen App Update

The updated version contains bug fixes and stability improvement.

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