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Lark player is the best, 100% free music player & MP3 in your Android device offline. Lark Player is the perfect solution for anyone! You deserve such an excellent experience that can play all major formats of any kind of song anytime anywhere without an Internet connection or mobile data plan! With a powerful equalizer and lyrics for every song ever made available straight from within Lark Player itself as well as easy access to social media integration if you want people on Facebook/ Spotify etc., give it a try today because there’s no better time than now when more than 100 million users around the world use this app every day.

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Customizable formats and modes

The presets make the music experience personal. Our modes include Normal, Classical, and Dance for those who like a little something in their ears to help them get through their day-to-day lives with ease; Flat or Folk if you’re looking for less dynamic sounds without any real bass frequencies (perfectly fine when listening via earbuds). We’ve got Heavy Metal mode on hand as well – but don’t think that just because these are more intense genres means they’ll drain your battery quicker than light airs can fill sailboats’ sails!

You also have access to all popular formats supported so even though there is much variety here it won’t feel overwhelming whatsoever.

Stream music anywhere

Manage everything in one place! With the remote control of your music, you can fetch audio and video files saved on your phone or SD card. Browse songs by artists albums genres to find what’s right for yourself – all without having to be at home with an internet connection waiting time that could cost hours just because there was a problem loading some web content from Google Drive.

Bass enhancement

The powerful equalizer lets you enhance your music with bass effects. 

Floating window

The Lark floating window makes it easy for you to get distracted by whatever takes your fancy without interrupting what’s playing on-screen- whether its an album from a favorite artist; just getting through those last few minutes before bedtime so snuggled up under blankets readying yourself for sleep mode (it’ll still play!), they always have something fun planned when we gather offline); catching up/catching out with old friends who live far away but keep in touch via various social apps.

Set ringtones

You could set your favorite offline tunes as ringtones! 

Customizable theme

There are customizable backgrounds in addition to beautiful theme changes (Day & Night). 

Sleep Timer

The Lark Player is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to fall asleep without worrying that their favorite songs will end. The app’s Sleep Timer feature sets it apart as an industry-leading player with more functionality than other music apps out there, including sharing on social media or sending via IM directly from within your phone! Who knew you could have personalized radio stations all wrapped up in one? 

Unlimited streaming

Lark Player is a third-party app with YouTube music content. All kinds of videos are provided by the website, so you cannot control what is played and streamed on your computer screen directly through Lark player itself – but we do offer streaming unlimited amounts from just one account! This means no more buffering or waiting for that perfect moment when something happens to live again.





Music Player & MP3 Player – Lark Player App 5.12.6 Update

Now you can make your customized playlist with a cover. There is also an all-new play-all button.


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