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The Nike App is your source for daily guidance and inspiration to get you closer to those style goals online. It offers content tailored around the best in sport, from inspirational quotes about pursuing our passions up through product reviews on items like shoes or apparel that are sure to be perfect additions to any athlete’s wardrobe arsenal!

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Something beyond shopping!

You can also find great tips at The app goes beyond just shopping – it provides everything necessary when chasing down a new passion: inspiring photoshoots featuring top athletes doing what they love most; how-to videos giving beginners steps right away; plus access straight into company headquarters so no matter where life takes us we know there will always be someone waiting with open arms ready make whatever dream comes next come true!

Exclusive offers

Get the latest styles in Nike footwear and clothes using their app. They offer exclusive access to items, as well inspiration for what you should be wearing every day of your life!

Enjoy free standard shipping, 60- day wear tests, and receipt-less returns when you purchase through the app.

Online Store Membership

Easily track your activity at any time with our Online Store Membership! Get alerts about special offers & promotions from us as well as insights into how much tax will be charged on each order or item before checkout becomes necessary.

Explore the new styles and trends

Get first access to the newest styles and innovations available in our member shop. The latest women’s, men’s apparel & footwear for you! Shoes Reserved on launch day: Nike by You offer customizability that will match any outfit with unique colorways of materials such as nubuck leather or mesh fabric; there are even shoes designed just for basketball players who want an extra supportive fit at their feet. New Releases can be found here including some collaborations from Jordan Brand like 8s scarlet red Air Force 1 Low which went fast so make sure you get them while they last.

Customer support

What’s the one thing you wish for every single day? Nike is happy to help make that happen with a personalized chat. Chat live or on-demand from anywhere on your phone, any time of day for style tips and fitness advice from our expert team!

A daily guide to greatness

Get instant access to all things sporty through individualized chats where an athlete will give their insight into training methods as well as offer personal recommendations tailored just for YOU – guaranteed satisfaction at its finest form factor.

Download today and get the latest in-depth stories, training tips, or style advice delivered straight to you! With features like streaming a customized feed of content tailored from our partners that are tailored just for what matters most: Sports fans will be able to find new ways to wear their favorite products while Athletes can access promotions at any time they want; all with push notifications turned on so it doesn’t go unnoticed when something important happens.

Nike App Update

The new version has addressed the bugs and performance issues faced by the users.



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