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In Nobodies, you play as a nameless employee acting on behalf of an evil organization that is plotting to unleash experimental bioweapons. You must use your wits and resourcefulness in order to aid them without being discovered by Q-100, the terrorist group they are targeting.

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Blend in, get out, and most importantly, leave no bodies behind!

You are a random person tasked with the job of disposing of dead bodies, destroying all evidence found at the scene, and leaving no trace that you were ever there. You have to do this for your secret government counter-terrorist organization since they don’t want any sign left behind after their hitmen take out their target.

After the hitmen have taken out their target, somebody has to clear up the mess. That’s you! You’re a ‘cleaner’ for a secret government counter-terrorist organization tasked with disposing of bodies and destroying evidence while leaving no sign that they were ever there. Each mission is packed with puzzles from inventory challenges to bespoke mindbending tasks which can be solved in various ways giving players many options on how each puzzle will play out.”

Nobodies: Murder Cleaner App 3.5.108 Update

Error fixes are available in the latest update of the app.


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