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Notion is a new editor that makes it easier than ever to organize your life. With not just text but also images, tasks, and bookmarks – you’ll be able to stay on top of what needs doing whether at work or home! The flow between desktop modes (MacOS/Windows), as well as browser, are synced so there’s no need for any approach when jumping back into another device later down the line; even if someone else has uploaded something important onto their account while yours was being used earlier today…

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Stay organized and managed all the time

Notion is the perfect solution for people who want to collaborate with others on their projects and stay organized at all times. Not only does it let you share pages, but also commentaries as well!

Online and Offline Collaboration

The offline companion browser app enables users without internet connection access while online collaboration allows them not just to view content but editing in real-time through @mentions mentions between folders – even comments within files themselves if they’re called out by other contributors first.

Folderless organization

The folderless organization system means there are no more messy file cabinet messes: everything goes into individual nuggets that can be accessed using any device equipped with an update or the latest operating system version installed already due to its simplicity itself.


 To download the companion desktop app, please visit:

Notion App 0.6.180 Update

In the new update, the Recent page section can now synchronize across all of your devices. The new keyboard design has made it easier to type in the titles.



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