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With over 180 million users worldwide, Opera Mini has been trusted by many. It’s fast to use so you can get back online in no time! Why not save money on data and browse the internet without being tracked with Opera Mini?

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The newest browser on the block, Opera Mini offers you great privacy protection and speed. With private tabs to browse incognito or in a more traditional sense without leaving any traces of your activity which leaves no room for others’ nosy eyes peering into what should be kept between yourself and just that one person who matters most-you! A native ad blocker built right inside makes sure there are never pesky ads pulling their attention away from whatever they want (or need) at this very moment.

Opera Mini is the best way to save data and enjoy browsing without interruption. Save up to 90% on your mobile broadband with Opera Data Saver, watch the video in HD quality even when offline by downloading it securely through the File Sharing feature of this browser app. Enjoy private conversations using Voice Notes or send files back-and-forth instantly among other users via Secure Peer To Peer (P2P) connection!

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Opera Mini App 60.0.2254.59405 Update

The new update includes many stability and performance fixes.

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