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The PixelLab App is a stylish, modern way to add text to your favorite photos. With more than 60 different options available at one time – including 3d letters (perfect if someone has an unusual name), there’s no shortage when it comes down to creating cool visuals on top of our own selfies.

Choose from fonts and stickers that will allow you the freedom of creativity in order to create unique graphics for all sorts of occasions!

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If you want to learn more about the app, below is the YouTube playlist that contains some tutorials:

App Highlights

Colorful font

You can easily change the color of your text to something more appropriate for whatever message you send. You also have many other options like shadowing it or making them 3D, so there’s no need to worry about whether people will be able to save and read everything accurately!

Stickers and images

The PixelLab App is the perfect way to put your creativity on full display. You can use words and stickers, or import images from anywhere in order to make an amazing composition that will be virtually anything you want!

Cool backdrops

With the PixelLab App, you can create amazing backdrops for your photos. You have two options: either a color or gradient background with an option to save it as a project and remove any background at will! I want more control over how things look before they’re saved into png format then there are also editing tools like perspective warping which allows us to change monitor content replacement logos on boxes among other handy features that make my life much easier when taking pictures Hint hint- try changing up those old images from years past by using this app.

Amazing effects and filters

It’s time to spice up your pictures! Enhance them with some of the available effects, which include vignettes and stripes. You can also change hue or saturation for an interesting new look.

Export images and share them

Don’t forget about exporting images in order to share them easily on social media apps like Facebook/Instagram etc., then just enter what format &resolution desired; there might be even more features waiting inside PixelLab App!



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