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The Play Together app is a great way to meet new friends from all over the world! You can chat in various languages, and enjoy playing games with them at your own pace. It’s like having hundreds of real-life friends that you never have to leave home for – what could be better?

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Metaverse playground

The Megaverse Playground is filled with fun and exciting activities for you to do! You can hang out at the Plaza, play games in the Game Center, enjoy shopping trips now that we have a huge new mall opening soon. But don’t forget about our special event zones like Monster Mansion where zombies will want to come to find you or Camping Ground where there’s always something interesting going on! There are even quests available every day of the week so make sure not to miss any of them.

Special adventures

Play together with your special friend at the Play Together store! Check out all of their amazing toys and souvenirs from overseas. Grab a map to explore new places by going over to the Travel Agency, then head off on an adventure around the world. Once you’re ready for another exciting journey visit some friends in Australia or make it rain in Vegas before riding down into The Forgotten Island where there’s always something fun waiting inside!

Host a house party

Party time! You have a house that you can decorate however your heart desires. There are plenty of themes to choose from, such as Egyptian, Toy Block, and Botany. Once it’s all decorated the way you want it, throw yourself a party with whatever theme tickles your fancy- Dancing Party? Pool Party? Cooking Class for brunch spots in town or maybe even an art class where everyone gets their hands on some paintbrushes! The only limit is your imagination; go wild and make sure there’s enough space at home so nobody feels cramped when they’re having fun enjoying themselves

Exploring your unique style

What defines who you are? Your style, of course! Express yourself with costumes and accessories from the Disney Store. Give your outfit that extra pizzazz by adding a skateboard or sports cart to make it more unique. Take up off-road cars when cruising around town for some old-school fun on four wheels. Whichever one you choose, have friends join in on the fun too–they’ll love being able to ride through their favorite beach spots as well!

Please Note:

In-app purchases may incur additional charges. For refund information, please read the Terms of Service in our game that you accepted upon installation!

You will be penalized for using illegal programs to access the game. These include modified apps and other unauthorized methods that may result in service restrictions, removal of your account data, claims for compensation of damages, etc.

PlayTogether is a new video game looking for people to help them beta test it. The Play Together community consists of over 1,000 gamers with the common goal of creating more opportunities and connections in gaming communities worldwide. Join today by visiting their Facebook page at or emailing support@playtogethergamesupport if you have any questions about how this works!

To provide you with the game services below, the app will ask for your permission as follows:

Access to Files/Media/Photos

This allows the game to save data on your device and store any gameplay footage or screenshots within it.

Here’s how to use the new permissions system in Android 6.0 and higher

Settings > Apps -> select app -> App Permissions (click on each permission) – grant or revoke access as needed, it’s just that easy!

If you’re not using the latest version of Android, that means old bugs might be lurking around.

You can revoke your permission for this app to access game files from your device by following the instructions above and upgrading to a newer OS like 6.0 or higher!


Revoking the required access permissions may cause you to lose your game progress or prevent you from playing this game.

Advertisements and other features that are run on your device will stop working as well.

Play Together App 1.22.0 Update 2021-08-16

New content! Let’s Play Together!  The new update includes 8 more skin tones, and 4 furniture items to explore your creativity even further with different environments in the game world created by you using our new Filters feature on Camera Mode which has also been improved upon for a smoother experience when playing together with friends online or offline (as well as solving some minor UI bugs)! Check out what else is included from the community page here at https://www.playwithothersappgame/community/. Find out about this latest release of updates straight from within gameplay – just head over to ‘Notice’ under Settings > Game Announcements menu screen inside the app

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