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Downloading music and watching videos is easier than ever. All-in-one video player, music downloader! Get PLAYit today to enjoy it all now! 

Extraordinary Streaming Service

An HD video player and 2020 online music player in India, it delivers everything you could ever want from a movie streaming service. With new Bollywood movies added daily along with popular Indian TV shows, it’s your one-stop-shop for entertainment! Put some popcorn down because we’ve got more than just Hindi films here: IPL games are included so watch cricket matches while listening to playback songs of all-time hit albums by Michael Jackson or Elvis Presley. Or if that isn’t what you’re into, choose between thousands of other videos formats such as MKV files and stream them straight onto any device right away without downloading an app first!

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Save Content Instantly

Besides, you can also directly download and save any videos from Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp. In this way, you could save the video in advance so even if there’s a poor Internet connection later on at least your favorite content is safe!

High-Resolution Videos

Get a new HD sax video player, gaana music player, and downloader 2️0️2️0 from the best online app store. This amazing program has stunning features including all format videos support with 4k resolution, 1080p quality files for MKV formats, etc., auto-detects & manages local media library along with HQ audio playback to handle mp3 songs. You can also share or upload your favorite videos easily on social networking sites like Facebook without any issue!

VPN Master

Now, you can search for online videos on the free VPN browser-VPN Master. You can directly download any video after typing in a keyword and hitting “download”. Selecting an image will automatically save it to your gallery. The app is great at multitasking too! With one click of the floating play button, you can continue watching videos while also being able to do other tasks such as chatting with friends or working on something else entirely!

Various Subtitles Available

One-click to convert videos into audio files and enjoy music while you work. Search online subtitles for free download, then watch movies with English/Hindi/Tamil subtitles. 

Gesture Control

Smart gesture control during video playback so that you can change the speed of playing back any file on your computer without having to use a mouse or keyboard. The software acceleration provided by this application is applied across all formats supported making it easier than ever before when watching old home videos from years ago.

Several Formats Available

With this video player app, you can play any videos stored on your phone in several formats. You can also keep playing the video when using other apps or turning off your screen. Plus, there’s even a floating window feature so that you have more room to do things without pausing the playback!

HD Downloader

HD Video Downloader is a video download app that allows you to save videos from various social media sites. You can choose between downloading your favorite Facebook live, Instagram post, TikTok videos, and more onto your phone or tablet with just one tap of the “Download” button!

PLAYit for Windows

Do you wish to play video files on your laptop/computer? If so, please visit our official website at and download the PLAYit app for the Windows version today! Our team is working hard every day to make this already excellent player even better with new features such as HD quality videos and a video converter that turns any file into an MP3 audio track!


For more information about these amazing tools, just follow us online by following @PLAYItApp or visiting the Facebook page.

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PLAYit – A New All-in-One Video Player App Update

We’ve made some updates to PLAYit. Now you can transfer files, take screenshots while playing videos, and more!


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