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Pocket is the place to be for those who care about great content. Save the latest news, magazine articles, and more with Pocket! With a library of articles, videos, and more tailored specifically towards your needs–you can’t go wrong!

With one app you can save from any publisher. You’ll have access to your favorite magazines like The Atlantic or The New Yorker in addition to other great sources such as Lifehacker and Engadget which offer up cool how-to information about all sorts of tech topics. 

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Wide range of quality content

Pocket is a reading app that lets you read whenever, wherever. The clean layout and customizable display give your eyes a break from visual clutter while still providing an easy-to-use interface for browsing content on Pocket’s wide selection of blogs & magazines as well as long reads like peer-reviewed journal articles or novels in progress by up-and-coming writers.

Dark modes

Pocket also offers three different dark themes perfect if you’re looking to relax before bedtime!

Hands-free learning

Pocket is a revolutionary app that turns any news story, article, or blog post into hands-free learning while you commute to work and exercise. It’s also perfect for those of us who like reading articles on our phones in bed before they go off!

Offline availability of the articles

Pocket has articles for any interest, and it’s easy to read offline. You can cache your favorite content on Pocket so you’ll never be without access again!

The world of quality creators

Pocket is the best way to discover more of what you love, no matter where it is coming from. Discover quality content in an ever-growing library that covers just about any topic under the sun! With Pocket Curators verifying each article before publication and Editors approving them for distribution on our platform we work hard at making sure there are tons of interesting reads waiting for your enjoyment every day.

Pocket Premium

If you’re a selective, power-user who only wants the best of everything for their articles and highlights—check out Pocket Premium. It has features like advanced search that will make sure they never miss an important piece again!

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Pocket App Update

The new update contains minor fixes and improvements.

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