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With PressReader you can get unlimited access to thousands of newspapers from around the world so that your mind stays informed! You’ll never miss an important story again with this fantastic app for Android users; its quick loading browser lets readers download entire issues in just seconds which means no more waiting days later when all hell has broken loose–you’ve already got them right where you want them.

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PressReader HotSpots

Visit thousands of PressReader HotSpots around the world to get instant access to newspapers and magazines. Imagine having your favorite newspaper with you at any given time! You can find it on our map by searching for “Press Reader” but if they don’t have one in town, head over towards their library – chances are that they might offer this amazing service as well.

Ease of use

The custom layout is optimized for mobile reading which means that instead of just seeing words like before when we’re looking through print edition pages (without listening), you’ll be able to read everything nicely formatted so there’s no struggle whatsoever clicking between screens or trying to figure out what was said without subtitles…all while easily navigating back-and-forth.


You can create your publication by bookmarking and saving favorite stories. Choose any topic you want, like news or entertainment for example – the sky’s limit when it comes to what kind of content there is! Keep track of articles that are relevant to you. 

Share content of interest with other people

With this app, all those hours spent on looking through magazines in stores will finally become worth something as users are able not only to read about their interests but also share them among friends via social media platforms such Twitter Facebook Instagram LinkedIn, etc.

Translations and narrations are available

You can read any story from your favorite publication in the comfort of your home or office. With on-demand narration and translation capabilities for up to 16 languages like French, Spanish and German; it’s easy to get lost among all those newspapers cluttering up desks everywhere!


PressReader is available on iOS, Android, Amazon for Android, Windows 8, and Blackberry 10, as well as on the Web at


If you have any questions, get in touch with us and send an email to


Newspapers: The Washington Post, The Guardian, The Guardian Australia, National Post, Los Angeles Times, New York Post, The Globe, and Mail, The Herald, The Irish Times, China Daily, USA Today, Le Figaro, Le Journal de Montreal, El Pais, The Daily Herald, The Daily Telegraph, etc.

Business & News: Newsweek, Forbes, Robb Report, Business Traveler, The Monthly

Fashion: Vogue, Vogue Hommes, Elle, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, GQ, Esquire

Entertainment: Variety, NME, Rolling Stone, Empire

Sports & Fitness: Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Top Gear, T3

PressReader App 6.3.210910 Update

The new update has resolved the bug issues and boosted the performance for a better experience.



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