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Puffin Web Browser is a great alternative to the standard Google Chrome browser. It’s available for download on Google Play Store, but you’ll need an active subscription if your plan includes it because there are ads and other monetization features included in Puffins’ free trial period. You can take advantage of their daily evaluation by using this lightweight app without paying anything more than what we’ve already covered here!

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Whether you’re looking to host your website or application, our cloud servers will take care of the heavy lifting. We have Flash support and are constantly improving so that all Internet traffic is encrypted.

Puffin sets itself apart from other browsers by utilizing a compression algorithm that can save you up to 90% on your bandwidth when browsing the internet.

The features of this browser are unmatched! It’s fast, it has an awesome JavaScript engine that is super fast. Plus you get Ad Blocker included for added protection against viruses and popups in your browsing experience on any device – desktop or mobile.

The Theater Mode will let people watch videos without glitches too! This version also supports flash games & other multimedia files so whether it’s gaming time at home or work who needs their hands full trying to type while playing video games?


$1 per month and $10 per year subscription.



 Puffin is a service that allows people to bypass censorship in certain regions and educational institutions. If you are based outside the US, your geolocation restrictions may occur when using this site’s servers due to their location near Singapore where many countries have strict internet laws regarding adult content.


If you have any queries, visit:

Puffin App Update

Thanks for using Puffin. In this release (, we fixed a couple of reported issues and added several new features.


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