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Pure Tuber – Free YouTube Premium is a YouTube app that allows you to watch millions of videos without any ads. The background play feature enables users who want silence or relaxation while they view their favorite content on the internet’s biggest video site, which has over 500 million active accounts as well!

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Enjoy videos without any disturbance!

No Ads when you enjoy videos in Pure Tuber. No need to install other plug-ins, such as micro or Manager – just the one download for everything that needs doing! Maximum resolution is set at 1080p by default but if your device can handle it then go all out and make sure the Advanced Tube video player has its maximum setting enabled (even though I recommend against playing anything higher than 720). If there’s a specific channel on YouTube that always gives good results with lower resolutions like 480p+, don’t forget to save it into My Channels so we’ll be able to find them again later down this road together.

Your only companion that knows what you want!

Pure Tuber is a background player for your favorite games, chats, and other apps to keep you connected. It allows users to play their favorite videos while using other communication platforms like Line or Messenger without having disruptions in the conversation because it will continue playing when they exit out of that application!

Remove ads for free

Don’t worry, we got you covered! Pure Tuber – No ADs Tube and Free Advanced Premium has collected millions of ad-free videos through the AI engine. We hope that this channel will be your preference when searching on the internet to watch the latest movies or TV shows without any commercial breaks in between episodes only high definition content at 1080P resolution maximum stream quality enabled by default with no pop-up advertisements whatsoever while watching full-length feature films.


Pure Tuber is a third-party API that provides access to videos from tube services like TikTok, YouTube as well other sources. The contents of these videos are displayed without any ads or limitations and free users can enjoy advanced features such as premium accounts if they wish so too! Pure Tubes complies with all required terms for usernames/profiles on the site not to be suspended by either company (YouTube) or blocked due to what we provide here at Pure Tuber.

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