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The QuickShortcutMaker app is a great way to save time and space on your phone. This simple tool will create shortcuts for all of the apps that you have installed, making it so much easier when wanting to access them at any moment. The best thing about this solution – no matter how many applications there are in total!

To find the app that you want, all it takes is one tap with QuickShortcutMaker! It’s like an extra brain in your phone. The input tone should be informative and casual because this information makes people feel more comfortable about using shortcuts on their devices as well as understanding how they work better than searching through menus every time we need something simple or obvious (like selecting “launch” from a list). 

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Using this app may be risky! You can make shortcuts to hidden setting screens which are usually not accessible. Even if you encountered any problems using this program or the created shortcut, I don’t have any responsibility for it and should only use it at your own risk.

Internet access and permissions required

To improve the quality of your experience and make it even better, we will be asking for permission from accessing the internet. This isn’t anything too serious though because in return you’ll get Error Reports that help us fix any bugs or errors on the go!

In addition, when communicating with our servers through HTTP (secure) connections an input message displays so please rest assured knowing everything is safe while using this app.

If you cannot create a shortcut, contact the developer.

To get started with creating your Launcher3 of Cyanogenmod: 

  • Long-tap on the home screen and select Widgets from there; activities to see if QuickShortcutMaker has been installed by looking at its icon or name (it should be highlighted). 
  • Drag it into somewhere else where space is available – usually, this means tapping outside an existing app so as not overlap anything around it but sometimes certain apps force other ones out automatically depending upon how much room they need too!
  • Now select what activity will represent shortcuts created “Create New”.

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QuickShortcutMaker App 2.4.0 Update

The new version of this app has been translated into Italian and Arabic! It also features a refreshed UI for dialogs, so that it can better match the AndroidPhone7 theme. There are some bugs fixed in addition to improvements on how things work overall; now all you need is an internet connection when using Google Play as well (since they’ll ask if want rate).


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