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The exciting new mobile 3D MMORPG Ragnarok X: Next Generation is coming soon to Gravity Korea! Adventurers will be able to start a brand-new dream journey and begin their epic adventures in this action-packed game.

Cute Quests Awaits for You

Travel with your loved one on a romantic journey! Rekindle old flames while you follow exclusive couples’ quests to bring yourself closer.

Adrenal Rush 

A tactical competition, but a test of teamwork! Work together to form your strategy and fight for glory.

You are free to explore Midgard, a 3D world with various storylines. There is also the option of exploring Prontera and its surrounding islands!

Adventure with your friends by joining a guild and participating in instance events.

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Fight like a Hero

You are a hero, fighting against the forces of evil. The melee Knight is your best option for handling tight corridors and close-quarters combat, while you can support from afar with your ranged Archer or fight fire with magic using an AOE Mage! Develop new strategies to defeat all manner of enemies by choosing different abilities as each class has multiple styles that will help you record a new chapter in this generation’s heroes’ journey!

Win and Share your Victories

Snap your fantasy adventure with bubble stickers and cool mounts.

Capture all the precious memories of a fantastic journey and use emoticons to enhance those moments. Ride on an adorable mount as you protect yourself from dragons, skeletons, or other monsters that may be lurking in your path!

In-game Purchases

This is a free game but offers in-game purchases. Please don’t spend more than you can afford on virtual items and currency!

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Ragnarok X: Next Generation App Update

Are you ready to be reborn as the slime? The September 2021 Kingdom Pass has been released! Stay updated on new quests, minigames, instances, and much more. Are you prepared for fabulous fantasy world gameplay with all-new styles of exciting content waiting for your arrival at ROX x That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Collab!?

King of Demons Reborn coming this fall! All signs point towards “YES!”


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