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Remini is an all-new photo enhancement app that can fix old and low-quality photos to like high definition. Since launching in 2019, Remini has already begun to restore over 100 million photos.

AI-generated tech does all the magic!

More than a third of the pictures taken with an old cell phone and made blurry or low quality due to age-related damage that can occur when the photo was originally captured – but now they can look like high definition pictures thanks to AI-generated generative technology which brings film production level image-enhancing capabilities right into our daily lives!

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Restore your old memories

For cameras with older films, Remini makes sure your memories look their absolute best! You’ll be able to restore videos from blurriness as well; perfect if you want to playback those clips on larger display devices without any issues or problems of clarity lost in playback. In addition, there are other AI-related filters such as black & white conversion services for dramatic changes when taking pictures at night against scenic backgrounds – all waiting just beyond this innovative software’s capabilities!

Remini App 1.6.1 Update

Hello Remini users,

It’s a great day to try out our Enhance feature! We just fixed the bug that not only improves performance but also gives you more info about what is happening on your phone.

Cheers from The Reminis Team!

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