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The Rise of Kingdoms app allows you to create your civilization and determine its destiny. It is time for you to rise as a virtuous leader! You will be responsible for leading them from obscurity into the heights of fame or misery. But will you conquer everything in their path? 

Time to decide the destiny

An all-new civilization is sailing towards your city. Led by the mighty Ragnar Lothbrok and Bjorn Ironside, these seafaring Norse are raiding, pillaging, and fighting anyone in their sight. The Vikings have landed near ROK! Will you summon this strong nation or fight them head-on?

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The mighty Vikings

With their axes and brutal warriors, the Vikings are a brand new civilization in ROK. Their Berserkers will tear apart any enemy that dares to stand up against them!

Real-time warfare

Battles in real time allow for a more interactive experience. You can join or leave at any moment, allowing true RTS gameplay and making it so you never have to play alone again! Imagine seeing an ally being attacked right next door – send some troops to help your buddy out, or launch a counter-attack on the attacker’s territory.

Wide battleground

In the game, players can zoom in and out of a single map without ever having to switch screens. No separate bases or battle areas exist; all action takes place on one world-sized stage where mountains prevent passage from region to region unless certain strategic passes are captured by either side. Rivers serve as natural obstructions that must be crossed for access into other regions while cities provide strongholds along routes leading between them if they’re not eliminated first.

Flaunt your abilities

In this mobile real-time strategy RPG (role-playing game) developed by Blizzard Entertainment called “Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft,” you play as a hero with amazing abilities trying to defeat your opponent using cards representing minions/creatures, spells, weapons & armor, etc.

Explore and overcome the danger

The fog surrounding your world is thick and mysterious. Send out scouts to explore the unknown, unearth treasures within hidden temples, fortresses of barbarians, caves filled with mysterious creatures, and villages inhabited by tribesmen that could be enemies or allies instead. Gather intel on those you will soon face in battle as well as prepare for what’s coming!

Take control

Conquer the Kingdom in this MMO strategy battle royale and be remembered! Clash with other players to take control of a vast kingdom.

Make alliances

In Conquer, fight alongside your alliance as you vie for total domination over an epic landscape. Strategize against enemies while challenging yourself to outplay others throughout all multiplayer battles that will surely prove which civilization is superior!

Rise of Kingdoms App Update

Players won’t be getting bored anytime soon! The new event titled ‘Summer festival’ was introduced recently which will give all kinds of rewards worth hours spent playing on a hot summer day when you least want to leave your couch anyway; if only we had such an excuse here at home too… Other than this optimization list there’s other news as well: some bugs have been fixed while others remain under investigation.


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