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Robot Rush Bubble is an action-packed, space-themed bubble shooter that will have you blasting colored balls to make them explode. Adventure awaits as your robot friends explore a galaxy full of excitement filled with surprises around every corner!

Join a Galactic Rescue Mission!

As you battle an epic space adventure in this fun puzzle, new challenges will make their way across the screen. Use skillful tactics and feel like part of something big as more balls burst into action at every moment – it’s just what we do best here on earth: rescue things from all over the galaxy.

The galaxy needs your help!

This fun and challenging bubble shooter will put your brainpower to the test as you try to rescue all stranded astronauts. The game has thousands of levels, new balls drop every second so think fast! There are also free features like a swap ability that can be activated at any time or tools such as super aim shooters for more blasting options!

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How to install Robot Rush Bubble on Windows PC

The emulator emulates an Android device and then we install applications onto our computer screen just as if they were downloaded from Google Play Store! Below are the instructions on how Robot Rush Bubble can be installed on your PC without any difficulties through an emulator. You can install the application on your PC;

  1. By using BlueStacks
  2. By using NoxPlayer

Installing Robot Rush Bubble on Windows PC using BlueStacks

  • The download and installation procedure is quite simple via
  • After successful installation, open the Bluestacks emulator from where you should be able to see a Home screen containing Google Play Store pre-installed.
  • Search for ‘Robot Rush Bubble’, then click on its icon once located at the bottom right corner.
  • Now here comes the all-important part; if done correctly – voila!
  • You now have successfully installed the app.
  • If you don’t see this app from the search results, go ahead and download APK/XAPK installer file.
  • Once downloaded double-click to open it in BlueStacks (it’ll work like a charm!).
  • Robot Rush Bubble icon can be found on the home screen where all other apps live; give them an eyeball if needed before clicking away!

Installing Robot Rush Bubble on Windows PC using NoxPlayer

  • Download & Install NoxPlayer at
  • The installation is easy to carry out, and after you’ve installed the app on your device it will be just a few clicks away from accessing Robot Rush Bubble!
  • Open up the NoxPlayer home screen by clicking “Nox” in the search bar;
  • Look for the “Robot Rush Bubble” if necessary before installing using either an APK installer file or the drag-and-drop method onto Home Screen.

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