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The SAKURA School Simulator App is a great game that allows users to create an interesting school life. Either make friends or lovers as you wish or just going on the rampage with all of your favorite weapons from the Yakuza office, which requires no stop “flying” to get them easily.

This game is a “simulator”. So, there are many ways to defeat enemies.

Strategies and skills

Of course, if you want to defeat them by yourself- no problem! On the other hand, if you don’t want to use weapons and instead try something different like incapacitating your opponents without killing them – go for it!. There’s nothing graphic in this game so blood isn’t shown during any part of gameplay. The people in the game world will be only stunned but won’t die; they wake up every day ready for revenge against anyone who attacked or killed their family members/friends/coworkers, etc.

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Choose your team

You can control and change 4 players in the same stage. You have some choices for talking (sentences will change randomly). 

Defeat your enemies

You defeat enemies through simulations. You need not fight against enemies. Look for the ways, there is no end in this game- please make scenarios as you like & find a favorite way of playing! We hope you enjoy our new type of game. The contents here will be added when we create more content – stay tuned!


Hello everyone! I’m Scrub-chan, creator of the most excellent Bijuu Mike series on YouTube. Thanks for checking out this game asset pack featuring Aoi and Taichi from “My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU!” This is not a free model so please follow the rules below if you intend to use it in your projects or videos:

  1. You have permission to edit these models as long as credit is given where due. 
  2. Please do not redistribute any part of these assets without written consent first (contact Look forward to hearing what you guys come up with using this set – we can’t wait!! Cheers!!!


This game doesn’t work smoothly. “Becoming laggy”, “Shut down”, and Low memory problem” will occur soon. If this trouble occurs after you started the game, restart it or change settings to decrease students and people for smooth playing. This fantasy RPG uses a lot of CPU/GPU so close other apps as much as possible if they are open during gameplay.”

SAKURA School Simulator App 1.038.74 Update

A new version of the app is available that addresses a bug where some users reported experiencing an error when selecting half stairs for props. In this update, we have added attractions at an amusement park and changed objects in the school building and police box (lake). The song has been edited to only include male voices with live music club access.”


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