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Samsung Smart Switch gives you the freedom to move your contacts, music, photos, and more from old devices onto a new Galaxy. Plus it helps find apps on Google Play™ similar to what’s already installed on it so everything is seamlessly integrated into one phone!

Having trouble downloading?

The Samsung Smart Switch Mobile App is available for download in the Google Play Store, but if you’re having trouble downloading it through that method follow these instructions. Reboot your phone and go to Settings -> Apps; tap on “Google Playstore” before trying again with no luck? You can also get this app from the Galaxy store under the Account & Backup > Smart switch option!

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Cloud storage options

There’s more than one way to transfer your songs, movies, and other files from an iOS device. You can use wired connections like those via a Lightning connector or 30 pin port on newer models with iOS 5 installed as well as wirelessly by connecting using Wi-Fi Direct if it’s available for both devices! There are also Cloud storage options such as iCloud™ which offers seamless file management across all of your devices without having you install anything extra onto them. 

Easy transfer of network carrier

When you want to move your phone from one carrier to another, it can be challenging. However, with a few simple steps and the right tools in hand, all that’s left is for you to be tech-savvy enough!

What can be transferred?

  • Contacts
  • Calendar (Device content only)
  • Messages
  • Photos (DRM free)
  • Music is supported for iCloud or you could try a different music app on your phone to see if that works better with those songs.
  • Videos are also DRM-free but not so much when it comes to apps data like game scores etcetera.
  • Call logs will likewise go through both ways between devices depending on their OS versions which at this point has been upgraded over 120 times since its inception!
  • However note: Sending files such as documents/app data requires an upgrade – either physical Galaxy S6+or newer model purchased from Google Play Store before July 2015.

Supported devices:

  • Galaxy: Recent Galaxy mobile devices and tablets (From GALAXY S2).
  • Other Android Devices – If your device doesn’t work, try after firmware update!
  • HTC, LG Sony Huawei Lenovo Motorola PANTECH Panasonic Kyocera NEC ShARP Fujitsu Xiaomi OPPO Coolpad(DazenF2) RIM Priv YotaPhone ZTE Nubia Z9 Gionee LAVA Myphone Cherry Mobile Google Pixel/Pixel 2.

Transfer data without any hassle

Smart Switch is a great way to easily transfer data between your devices. To do this, both of the following conditions must be met:

  1. You need at least 500MB free space on each device’s internal memory (or external SD card) for when it comes time to share media files; if you have an MTP-capable phone/tablet then that counts too!
  2. And don’t forget about all those other connected gadgets like speakers or printers–they’ll get their little chunk right there alongside everything else in SmartSwitch territory so everyone has enough bandwidth going through them simultaneously without having any one thing hog up too much airtime from what should rightfully go toward video chat sessions with loved ones rather than watching YouTube videos.

Application permissions

The following permissions are required for transferring data:

  • Phone to confirm your phone number. 
  • Call logs when calling a Galaxy device and want the call log on their phone transferred.
  • Contacts or calendars will be saved in this app along with any important numbers like texts messages you may have exchanged during that time frame if these were also stored within another program’s database, but only those files related directly file transfer can carry over across platforms (such as Microphone).

Update your systems now!

For those of you who haven’t updated your system software in a while, it’s time. I know that the process can be tedious and overwhelming but trust me when I say this is necessary for security reasons so make an effort to get these updates as soon as possible!

Samsung Smart Switch Mobile App Update

If you can’t download, you can open Smart Switch from the device’s Settings menu (Settings > Accounts and backup > Smart Switch).


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