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The Sehhaty App, which is available in the Google Play Store and Apple App store under the supervision of the Ministry of Health aims to promote a healthy lifestyle by spreading health awareness. It enables individuals and families access to services provided by different organizations such as Saudi Heart Association (Saudia), King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital (KKESH), Riyadh Center for Diabetes & Endocrine Care(RiCDE), etc.

The Ministry also provides a guide on how people can take care of their eyes through dietary changes or physical activity like walking regularly instead of eating too much salty food at once during Eid Al Fitr holiday celebrations.

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COVID-19 is a free mobile application that helps you book appointments, search for medication and the nearest pharmacies, view issued sick leave, E-prescription.

It also includes services such as:
COVID-19 vaccine appointment booking service is included in this app!

You can now use it to book your child’s next vaccination appointment with ease through their computer or phone screen without having to make any calls at all!

COVID-19 test appointment booking works just like the first but allows parents of children between 9 months – 12 years old who are about to receive vaccines from pneumococcus (Prevnar 13), rotavirus (RotaTeq), etc.

You can book an appointment in primary healthcare centers for an immediate consultation. Searching for medication and nearest pharmacies is made easy through this app.

Sehhaty | صحتي App 2.10.1 Update

We update the app frequently to make it better for you. This update contains general improvements and bug fixes that include:

1) Know Your Number: Now you can log and keep track of your vital signs (Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose), as well as get specific tips on each reading;

2) Dependents: Viewing and adding dependent members (<18 years old) is now easier than ever.

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