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Sketchbook is the perfect app for all your sketching needs. With the Sketchbook app, you can sketch like never before! Whether you’re just getting started or need a quick refresher, there are no limits to where inspiration can take you with SketchBook!

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With professional-grade features and tools that are highly customizable in every way imaginable we’ve got something up our sleeve – literally-to get those creative juices flowing again anytime anywhere on any device (well almost).

Sketching is a great way to get creative and experiment with new techniques.

Sketchbook has a full complement of brush types, pencils, markers, airbrushes smear, or any other type that looks just like its physical counterpart so there’s no need for messy paint pots anymore because this app will do it all for you while also delivering precision when needed in order save time on your next big project.

Thanks to those guide rulers stroke tools that offer support from the start to finish as well as making sure everything goes exactly according to plan.

Sketchbook App 5.2.5 Update

Now the crash is fixed due to the pen hover. Some functionality issues are resolved on Android 11 devices. The users will be asked to enable permissions before the launch of the Sketchbook App.


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