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Some technical difficulties were updating to the latest version but everything should be all right now but now, SnackVideo is back online!

When you want the best of short and funny videos, look no further than Snack Video. Featuring an endless stream of custom-made clips just for your viewing pleasure!

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SnackVideo is an app that’s loaded with tons of videos to keep you entertained. Whether it be in the form of pranks, comedy sketches, or other types of entertainment- Snacks has got your back!

You’ll be able to customize your video feed with SnackVideo, which will show you videos based on what you watch and share. For example: if it’s breakfast time then they might put a few recipes for waffles or pancakes in front of all our faces! 

Ever wonder how the Snack video trending page can make sure that content liked best by users gets seen?

The creators of this app were tired of seeing their favorite videos disappear into obscurity with no chance at all. So they created a way for everyone’s voices – even those who don’t frequent social media or participate heavily in discussions online-to be heard! 


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