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Enter the world of Soul Knight! In a time when guns and swords are both in use, an evil high-tech alien race steals away with earth’s magical stone that maintains balance. The fate of our planet is now on your shoulders as you jump into this action-adventure game to save us all from going down for good. With easy controls and exciting gameplay mixed with rogue-like elements, you’ll be shooting ’em up without remorse.

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The heroes in this game are interesting because they all have their unique abilities and weapons to choose from. There’s a ton of different things for you to explore, with randomly generated dungeons that provide new experiences every time! NPC characters can fight by your side which adds an immersive depth into the gameplay. The auto-aim mechanism makes it easy for players who want intuitive control over what happens as opposed to being hands-on about aiming movements themselves. And many other features are waiting out there too but those will be unveiled through playing so go ahead and try it now if you’re interested!

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The screen recording function can capture all the actions on your phone. Although it does not require much storage space, you must have permission to write files externally for this feature to work correctly!


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Matthias Bettin, Numa Crozier, Jun-sik Yang(ladoxy), Iván Escalante,, Почеревин Евгений (Oliver Twist) , Tomás Bembeník


Soul Knight App 3.2.4 Update


Soul Knight 3.2.4 has gotten a new update with many fixes! This includes font options, CD to the special attack effects of Blade of Night’s King and Long Blade or Inferno King, as well as temporary armor effect changes for Rapier of Fallen Lord – Guard.

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