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The streaming service, SoundCloud is more than a platform for listening to music. It’s an open global community that allows you and artists in real-time to connect and support the future of music through every like, repost, or comment.

Get all the benefits of SoundCloud for free!

SoundCloud has a diverse catalog, millions of emerging and established artists as well as DJs and podcasters. You can discover new music that exists nowhere else through charts based on your listening habits or explore curated playlists to find new songs faster. Connect with musicians directly by creating personalized playlists suited for any occasion!

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Listen to the biggest hits and discover what’s next in music

On SoundCloud, you can discover music that exists nowhere else – DJ sets, hand-curated playlists, remixes, and freestyles right next to chart-topping albums and mainstream releases. You will also be able to find the subgenres within these main communities which are unique sounds different from other genres like disco-house or experimental hip hop.

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Find and connect with your community

The only place where artists and music fans can connect, push culture forward together is SoundCloud. With this platform, you will be able to hear the new songs of today’s superstars within seconds after they are shared. You can follow our curators’ community profiles (subgenres) by following their posts on trending tracks or playlists in real-time here!

Support the artists you love

SoundCloud is a platform where emerging and established artists can engage with fans, get feedback on their work through likes and comments, gain exposure to new audiences by getting played or reposted by other users. Every like they receive makes the artist feel good about themselves and encourages them to put out more content to build up an even bigger audience for next time around. By listening or subscribing on SoundCloud it puts money directly into the pockets of all involved which allows everyone who contributes towards making something great happens to be rewarded accordingly

Fuel the success of emerging and established artists every like play comment repost resonates establishes reputation provides motivation amplifies reach listen subscription purchased SoundCloud puts more money person’s pocket empowers enables continue to create push music culture forward.

Subscribe to SoundCloud Go+ for a premium listening

With SoundCloud Go+, you get access to every track on the site, from your favorite artists. You can take it with you wherever go and listen without ads between tracks. Plus, experience high-quality audio close to what creators intended for their sound effects or music playing in the background of video productions or dramatic features that are meant to be seen as well listened to by audiences around the world through this one subscription service platform available today which is called Soundcloud Go+ right now!

SoundCloud GO

SoundCloud is a music streaming service that allows you to save unlimited tracks for listening offline, as well as listen ad-free. Your subscription helps support the millions of musicians who are starting and growing their careers on Soundcloud – try it out yourself with 30 days free before committing to $5.99/month!

SoundCloud GO+

SoundCloud is an awesome music streaming app that lets you save unlimited tracks for listening offline, access full catalogs without advertisements, get ad-free music and high-quality audio. Plus your subscription helps support the millions of creators who are growing their careers on SoundCloud! Try it out today with a 30-day free trial then only $9.99/month**


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With each post, tweet, and email we hear how much you love Soundcloud. So keep them coming! We’re happy to announce that the app is now available in English Brazilian Portuguese Dutch French German Italian Spanish Swedish.

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