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With a focus on the fast-paced, up close, and personal combat that made the original game so popular with players across North America, “Standoff” is now available as an intense first-person shooter. The new maps let you experience multiple environments from military bases to hospitals while engaging in battle for your life against terrorists or special forces – both of which have their strengths and weaknesses! To top it off there are all sorts of different weapons including handguns, rifles, shotguns… even machine guns!

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The new game is at the beta-testing stage and offers some of the best features you’ll find in any other shooter. You can customize your crosshair, add friends to play with, trade items between players from within a lobby, or chat with fellow gamers using text only when voice communication doesn’t suit everyone’s needs! Not sure which map will be your favorite? They’ve got six different maps so there are plenty to choose from. Arms Race mode lets you get one step closer to completing an awesome weapon while Deathmatch ensures that no team has all the fun as it switches up rounds every time someone scores 10 points in the first place – not just once like older FPS games used to do!

Competitive and Tournament Modes

New game modes, competitive games, and tournaments keep you on your toes. New models of knives, grenades, and weapons await the most daring players who are looking for adventure! More maps mean more ways to win with friends or by yourself; customize any way you want so that no two matches look alike. Let the battle begin!

Standoff 2 App 0.16.2 Update

Added the ability to adjust voice chat volume, a new value for target framerate settings at 90 fps, and increased XP gain when winning in Assault mode. Additionally fixed multiple bugs as well as improved general game optimization!


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