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Status Saver App is the perfect application for those who want to download and save their friends’ WhatsApp videos. This app will allow you access not only from anywhere but also without having an internet connection, making it very useful in places with limited connectivity such as airplanes or camping trips! No matter how old our phones get-we can still enjoy these types of apps because they work well even when on older devices like mine which does not have an HD screen anymore (and never did).

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Are you feeling down? Does a friend have their phone on silent mode and can’t seem to find the time for them, or just need someone else’s perspective when all yours is occupied with your thoughts. When this happens it feels like everything in life gets dark, but don’t worry! This Status saver app will be there as one way that helps lighten up some moods by giving others an insight into what we are going through whether its feelings of happiness/joyfulness which makes us feel good inside out.

You can now easily save any videos and images from your favorite people. With the use of this status saver, you’ll be able to download WhatsApp posts in seconds!

Easy to use

Just install WhatsApp messenger Status Saver and do the following: 

  1. Check your desired status/story in Whatsapp;
  2. Click “Save” on any video or image you want as a notification for future reminders of that chat.
  3. You can also choose which contact will receive this alert by selecting one specific person before saving.


  • This app is not affiliated with WhatsApp and do NOT encourage re-uploading of images/videos posted on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram onto my app, as it will only break the original story’s copyright laws which are too strict for people who want this type of thing done without approval from its owner.
  • Any unauthorized downloading or uploading is at your own risk.
  • If you have suggestions about how Status Downloader Saver can develop even further please send them over!

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