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ATEEZ is an 8 member boy group who just debuted and put out their first song called “Treasure EP.5: One To All”! You can follow them weekly to hear a new track that they release every Friday, collect ATEEZ themes for more rewards in-game, compete with other fans worldwide on the leaderboard by getting higher ranks in Weekly League or beating your record each month in My Records Mode, prove yourself against everyone else around the world when you get high scores during seasonal World Record mode!

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ATEEZ is a new mobile rhythm game that lets you play along with the members’ voices. In this exciting, interactive app, different events are going on all year round! You can join in and start playing right away if your favorite ATEEZ tracks come up while listening to music—you receive special rewards for these occasions. There’s also an exclusive feature where you get to collect moving “Photo Cards” of each member so they become alive within the game itself!

Required Access Permissions:

Camera/Storage, Read and write on external storage, Device ID & phone calls, Wi-Fi connection information.
Camera/Storage: For saving the game data in your device’s storage so you don’t have to download it again each time you play the app.

Read and write on external storage:

We need permission from users who prefer not having their saved games stored locally but rather externally through a cloud service like Google Drive or Dropbox. This is because we want them able to continue playing even if they lose their mobile devices!


Access Permission Revoke:

Settings > SuperStar ATEEZ > Access Agree or Access Revoke

Visual Setting:

If you experience lags in the game, you can change your visual setting to low resolution for better performance. While SuperStar ATEEZ is available for free, certain paid items will get charge upon purchase.

In addition, if you have any inquiries or require further information please contact us at E-MAIL:

SuperStar ATEEZ App 3.3.4 Update

Hello, ATEEZ fans! The latest version of the SuperStar app is now available for download. This update includes several bug fixes and general improvements to the user experience.
SuperStar ATEEZ

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