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Sweatcoin is a step counter app that pays digital currency for your steps to spend on sports gear, fitness training, and healthy nutrition.

What are Sweatcoins?

Sweatcoin tracks your steps and rewards you for them. It converts the number of calories burned into a digital currency called Sweatcoins, which can be used to buy goods or services from partner vendors like Apple Music or SeatGeek. You could also exchange it with friends and family as a gift card if they wanted something different than what’s available on the platform currently. Sweatcoin aims to help you earn money and exercise at the same time.

Get healthy and wealthy now!

The more active you are, the healthier and wealthier you will be! You can also track your progress using the Sweatcoins activity tracker. When exercising outside or in your home, keep an eye on how many steps of movement it counts for as well as if that particular workout was strenuous enough for a sweat coin reward redemption with our exclusive discounts from brands through our marketplace platform.

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Get fit with Sweatcoin

Sweatcoin is an amazing app that helps you stay healthy by using your phone or smartwatch to count the number of steps you take.

Take just one step and begin tracking your fitness level with Sweatcoin!

Sweatcoin can be redeemed for exclusive offers, prizes, discounts at the marketplace, or donated to charity projects by NGOs who partnered with Sweatcoin.

Want to organize a step competition with your friends or family? Stay tuned because we are revamping Sweatcoin, adding leaderboards and competitions (in beta).

Set up your goal on the app. Track how many steps you take daily!

Our app uses its algorithm to count your steps. We don’t track where you go and we never share any information with a third party, which means that all of the data is kept private from start till finish. Yours only!

Sweatcoin App 68.0 Update

We’ve updated the Sweatcoin app! Now you can earn more points than ever before with our new, improved features. If you are interested in getting healthier just download it today and walk away happy 😉

Thanks for walking with us!


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