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If you’re looking for a terminal emulator, then Termux is the perfect app. Developed and maintained by Fredrik Fornwall, this tool has been downloaded over 10 million times since it first launched on Android! The latest version of Terms 0.117 was released back in August 2018 with support up until 2020 October 8th so there’s no need to worry about any future compatibility issues whatsoever when downloading or installing into your PC/laptop running Windows OSX Linux etc.

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Termux also offers accessibility features including VoiceOver which will read out whatever input you give just like an actual person would do every single time.

Termux is a terminal emulator with lots of cool features. You can enjoy the bash and zsh shells, manage files in nnn or edit them via nano on vim editors like emacs as well if you want! It also has access to servers over ssh so that your work doesn’t stop when using Termux for fun things too – it’s great whether coding up new projects from GitHub while playing some text-based computer games at home without needing another monitor hooked up anywhere else (such as frotz).

How to install Termux on Windows PC

Follow these three easy steps:

  1. First, download and run the Android App Player such as BlueStacks or Nox so that you can access your phone’s files from within the computer browser interface of choice (Termux).
  2. Second, after installing this program go ahead and open it up by clicking “Launch”.
  3. Third, choose whether if want an online game server hosting service like Game Contributions Hosting Service GCHost which offers custom domains along with root/admin login rights enabled right away, OR would rather wait until there are no more needed servers available where then their own home network could serve all gamers’ needs locally.

To install Termux on Windows PC using BlueStacks

  • Download and Install Bluestack.
  • The installation procedure is quite simple! It may take some time initially but once completed loading will see your home screen with all of the apps installed for easy access.
  • Google Play Store comes preinstalled in blue stacks so no worries there.
  • Now on installing Termux through their website which can be found at

Make sure the app has specific permissions related to Bluetooth mainly for it to run smoothly.

To install Termux on Windows PC using NoxPlayer

  • NoxPlayer is an app that has been specifically designed for playing games on your TV.
  • It’s easy to install and use, with no need for installing a plugin or rooting the device.
  • The best part about Noxplayer? You can download it from:



Termux Community:

Join the Termux IRC chat: #termux on freenode

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