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TextNow is an app that provides you with a second phone number to stay in touch with friends and family, free of charge. The service works nationwide so users don’t need any area code for their calls or texts!

Introducing Video Calls: The Future of Communication

At TextNow, we believe that everyone should be able to connect without limits and our free calls service just got even better with video calling! You can now make all your friends jealous by connecting them in real-time for an amazing experience. Start a call wherever you are as long as there is internet access on any device – from anywhere at any time!

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Free calls

With TextNow, you can get a local US phone number that your friends and family in the USA or Canada will be able to call. FREE voice calls are unlimited so long as they’re not over WiFi! You’ll also have access across multiple devices such as sending messages on one device then seeing them when opening another with Voice Responses enabled – like having two phones for less than the price of 1. And don’t forget about conference calling completely free too because we know how important this feature is: sometimes being able to discuss things without raising our voice loud enough towards just one person makes all the difference between understanding what was said correctly which could’ve saved time had someone else heard

Low-cost international calls

With TextNow you can stay connected with anyone on any device – even if they don’t have the app. International calling is also cheap! Sign up for less than $0.01 per minute and enjoy low rates starting at just 18 cents per minute to over 230 countries across Europe or the Asia Pacific by adding credits into your account; Maybe try completing some offers in-app too?

No catches mean there are no hidden fees or costs so it’s free!

Text your buddies anytime, anywhere!

TextFree is a free messaging app that you can use to text and talk with friends for absolutely no cost. The only thing required of you, in order enable the service on your phone or computer (no matter where it’s located), are standard internet capabilities as well as access via either Wi-Fi connection type – which would be ideal if there was one available at all times because then we wouldn’t need any other form of data plan while out exploring town; Google Smart Lock integration so not have constantly remembered passwords whilst abroad too much-researching vacation spots; PassCode protection measures used exclusively throughout conversations between parties involved.

So what are you waiting for? Download the app and get unlimited texts, voice calls, video calls, and much, much more over both WiFi and wireless.


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TextNow App Update

We killed a few bugs on the conversations page that were vexing some users. In addition, there have been tons of under-the-hood optimizations and minor bug fixes for performance stability in this release!


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