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The Guardian is a news application with breaking and top stories that will keep you up to date on world affairs. The Guardian offers you the latest updates on current events. You can also get personalized content, which will be tailored to your interests in politics and more!

The best part? It’s free so download it now before we run out of space here at #5 reason why people should use this awesome new mobile device-friendly platform from The Guardian Media Group Ltd., a UK-based publisher with over 50 years of experience.

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Explore what’s happening all the world through our app

World news, live updates & opinions – take your feed with you wherever you go. Explore stories from all around the world in our constantly updated database that covers everything from business to sports and music trends! The latest headlines in politics, business, and sport are just a tap away. 

A global and authentic news network is now online!

The Guardian is a top global news provider that covers all of your interests. You can read the latest and trending stories, as well as access audio/video content straight from their app to get there quicker!

Interactive feed

In addition, they offer an interactive “feed” where you will be able to see readers’ comments about what’s happening in each article which makes it easier for everyone who wants more information on current events across different countries or topics such as art appreciation among many others – not just those with smartphones handy at any given time (which we know isn’t always true). Get the latest sports news, watch video highlights & more with our free app!

Top-notch content

The Guardian is a leading international media organization that produces high-quality journalism. With the new app for your phone or tablet, you can access their award-winning reporting on current events and explore all sorts of interesting articles from across various categories including science & technology, arts/culture, etc.

Live Feature

The Live feature will keep users updated about what’s happening now around them while also allowing them to catch up with anything missed in real-time – this could be anything ranging between breaking news stories right down into our crosswords every day at 6 pm GMT (7 am EST). 


This app is free to use. If you choose to upgrade to the premium tier, your payment will be processed by Google Play.

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The Guardian – Live World News, Sport & Opinion App 6.67.12801 Update

We want to give you the best possible experience. And because it’s new, we recommend updating soon so that all of our latest features are accessible to you!


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