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The New York Times app is the ultimate way to get your daily fix of world news. With unlimited access to daily news and much more, subscribers can read breaking headlines and expert analyses from 1700 journalists in 160 countries worldwide!

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Your Morning Guide

Be the first to know about major events and must-read stories with The Morning, your morning guide for what’s happening in today’s political world. It is delivered straight from experts who cover everything that matters: news updates on developing stories as they happen; live briefings where you can get a moment-by-moment breakdown of breaking political issues–all designed so it doesn’t have any gaps between articles like other newsletters do!

Your preference is our priority

Plus there are discovery features such as “For You,” which will help readers relax after reading an intense article or game based on one interest each day (or just when needed).

Authentic news from all over the world

With all the information available, it can be hard to know what is true and helpful. But you’re not alone in this struggle! The New York Times app will make your life easier by bringing important stories from around the world directly into conversations daily – no matter where they are being discussed- we hope everyone has time for some “edutainment.”

Explore our crossword puzzle, spelling bee challenge, or digital word searches (all designed exclusively for these updates) while listening live through audio streams of original podcasts including The Daily Show with Trevor Noah; Ezra Klein Show’ hosted by Sheryl Sandberg – plus other engaging content.

Exceptional and pure journalism

Get unlimited access to our award-winning journalism for one low monthly price or yearly subscription. Plus, get the Nei Tarot Card Reading App & Games in your iOs! The New York Times has been providing breaking news and analysis since 1851 when it launched as a weekly paper covering politics on both sides of Pennsylvania Avenue during its first presidential election season. Nowadays The New York Times provides coverage from around the world with excellent reporting that you won’t find anywhere else!

Digital Subscriptions and Charges

Basic Subscription: Unlimited Digital Access to news and analysis at $16.99*/month or $129.99*/year.

All Access: Unlimited Digital Access, and access to the New York Times Games, New York Times Cooking, and one bonus digital subscription at $24.99*/month or $199.99*/year

 *Sales taxes may apply

You can maintain your subscription on the Google Play Store using the app. You will be charged automatically with confirmation after every billing period, or once a year for an annual plan to renew every month until canceled through account settings.


The latest version of this news application has been optimized for smartphones with a 4″ display or smaller up through tablets that are 12 inches diagonally to make it simple no matter what size phone you have at hand!


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The New York Times App 9.44 Update

We’re always working on the next update, and this version includes general bug fixes. If you have any questions or feedback for us at android@nytimes [email protected], let us know!


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