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SuperVPN is a lightweight and easy-to-use VPN client. It’s available for free, with unlimited bandwidth that never expires!

SuperVPN is the best way to protect your privacy and keep you safe from 3rd party tracking. It will also unblock geographically restricted websites, without registration or settings required! No speed limitation or bandwidth limitations with Super VPN – one-click connection here too; it’s super easy even if we don’t have root access on our devices (just in case). Encrypts Internet traffic so that no matter where they’re going including international locations like Canada USA UK New Zealand Australia Germany France Italy Spain Japan etc… Top server speeds combined with reliability make this an excellent choice for those looking forward to their online safety.

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The app is a time-saving way to keep track of what you need for your day with its innovative features.

The App provides 20 days trial, after which users can use it as often as they want for 60 minutes each session without having any limits or restrictions in place. 

SuperVPN App 2.7.2 Update

If you are experiencing any connection problems, please check to make sure that battery optimization is disabled in SuperVPN’s settings. You’ll find this option on the left menu of your app if it isn’t already there!

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