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 After years without a new Tom and Jerry TV show, the timeless rivalry has finally come to mobile devices. Players can choose from either cat or mouse sides in this 1v4 game with competitive elements. Play as Jerry’s friends who try steal cheese while avoiding being caught by Tom, or play on the side of evil-doer himself (Tom) when he chases his prey across four different worlds: The Old West, Ancient Egypt, Pirate Island, and Wild West! Choose wisely though because you may find yourself against your favorite character if not careful enough.

Authentic Essence of the favorite Characters

In this new age of gaming, there is a game exclusively designed for you to play as either mouse or cat. Steal cheese and trick your opponents with friends to win while avoiding Tom the hungry tomcat! Or if rescuing Jerry from his fate sounds more appealing then help him escape by turning into an expert mouse catching pro. What sets it apart from other games? The action never stops! You can also recreate all those childhood memories because they have exactly what you remember: original music, authentic retro art style, and lag-free gameplay making them truly immersive experiences that are enjoyable time after time again.

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Tricky Battles

Tom, Jerry, and Lightning are all here to help you battle your enemies! Get a taste of fast-paced combat with quests that each offer up 10 minutes of high action. Complete these free adventures for enough gold so you can shop in bulk from the game’s wide selection at Tom And Jerry’s store where there is something for everyone–from forks to ice cubes, photo frames, or even special drinks!. Find out what it feels like to be on top as one player battles another using assortment weapons: spears (if they have), swords, axes, and many more fun items such as firecrackers; which will give players leverage when battling their foes.

Lots of Modes and Matches

With a multitude of interesting game modes and maps to choose from, you’ll never get bored with this app.

  1. Such as Classic Mode that is great for those looking for the classic gameplay that they are used to.
  2. Golden Key Match will place players into teams to collect keys and score points before time runs out.
  3. Fun with Fireworks where each player has three fireworks at their disposal but must strategically use them in order not to run out!
  4. There’s also a Cheese Frenzy match when your goal is simply to eat all the cheese on the map without getting caught by mice who want it back! With these many different options available there isn’t any reason why boredom should set in anytime soon.


Join the Big Party

If you’re looking for a game that’ll make your friends laugh and have a blast then Endless Fun With Friends is a perfect choice! Whether it’s a four-player co-op or just some cheerful competition, these games got something fun in store. Get ready to enjoy hours of mayhem with people who are always there when we need them most. What will be our next adventure? Find out soon enough!

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Tom and Jerry: Chase is now available for the latest iPhone update. The game can be downloaded at 5.3.38 on 2021-08-04, with new features included such as a brand new character – Robin Hood Tuffy! The nature’s bounty skin to have been release including Stealthy Shinobi are up for grabs too!

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