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Tor for Android is the only official mobile browser supported by the Tor Project, developers of world-class privacy and freedom online. The Tor Project is a nonprofit based in the US. They rely on donations to continue their work and it would mean so much if you could contribute today! Every dollar makes a difference, especially right now when we need all the help that we can get against this surveillance pandemic.

Safe and Secure surfing

Tor Browser blocks third-party trackers and ads so you can browse without being followed. Tor also protects your identity by preventing someone watching the connection between yourself, computer/phone, etc., from knowing what websites you visit or any other information about how much time was spent on which sites.

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Free and convenient browser

Tor is a free and powerful tool that can be used by anyone to protect their privacy, access sites blocked by your local internet service provider (ISP), or simply browse the web in anonymity. When you want this level of security for yourself on any device without fear of surveillance from governments around the world – then please check out our new Tor browser app! This program offers three layers of encryption when accessing locals which are all transmitted through thousands of volunteer-run servers across Europe called relays before reaching its destination website: preventing outsiders from having any insight into what pages were visited.

Tor Project

You can help keep the Tor Project strong, secure, and independent by donating. Donations made before December 31st will be matched with Mozilla!

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The Tor Project, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the development and spread of free software for online anonymity and privacy protection. They believe that all individuals have rights that should be protected from surveillance by their governments as well as other organizations such as hackers who might want to access your life details like where you go on social media sites or what kind of emails you send friends back home in order find out more about them personally (not only through reading content but also tracking IP addresses).

The reason why we created this website: it provides information about both TLP browser extension version 3 beta testing opportunities if interested please email

Tor Browser App 10.5.5 (91.2.0-Release) Update

The Tor Project is always improving their browser, and this release has some great security improvements! Check out the blog post for more information on what changed in version 1055.

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