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Truecaller offers caller ID and spam call protection for 250 million people worldwide, with a community-based list updated by millions of users. Truecaller is the only app you need to find out who’s calling or texting you – whether it’s an old friend from school or just another scammer trying to get your information!

Power Dialer

Powerful Dialer is a caller ID that will identify whoever is calling you. It blocks spam and telemarketers, shows the name of unknown numbers in your call history, records important phone calls to your phone for later listening or sharing them with friends on social media networks like Facebook Live. You can even share locations and emojis without any need for vocal communication by using “flash messaging”. Powerful Dialer also saves all the settings from one device onto another when backing up data to Google Drive making it easy if more than one person is using an account on multiple devices at once! Automatically identify every unknown text message and block spam, telemarketing messages.

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Truecaller Premium

Block by name or number series for a whole lot of peace of mind! Upgrade today to Truecaller Premium with the most features including blocking calls from people you don’t want to talk to; recording phone conversations (in case someone is harassing your child); knowing who views profiles; option viewing profile privately among other cool features like having no pesky ads.

Ease of Use

Truecaller has full dual SIM support! So you can switch between two phone numbers seamlessly. But this app does not upload your entire contact list to the internet so that it’s searchable like Google and Facebook do with their databases. If you want a truly private database of people, use TrueCaller instead!


And if any problems are using the application or if you have feedback on how we could improve our service even more, please get in touch by either emailing us at -or- going to


In the latest update to Truecaller, fixes have been applied that address some issues with Caller ID not working. Major improvements are also made for battery and CPU usage in this version of the app! New Inbox Cleaner features include a simple tap-to-delete feature as well as automatic background deletion. The newest addition is the ability to leave comments on calls you block so other users can know whether or not they should pick up your call based on what others think about it.

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