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With a simple yet powerful interface, Turbo VPN provides you with all the features necessary for your browsing needs. Connect from over forty countries worldwide and enjoy fast speeds without sacrificing anonymity or security! Download today to get started on an unrivaled online experience that will change how we think about free VPNs forever.

What’s better than a free VPN?

Do you want to unblock any content? With a free VPN, it’s easy and simple. Just download the app from our website or Google Play Store and connect with one touch of a button!

Stable and secure connection

We provide unlimited bandwidth for your browsing experience without speed limitation which means that no matter how fast or slow internet connection is in different parts of the world; Turbo VPN will always find the best stable proxy server according to the fastest speed needed by the user at present moment (you can even choose multiple servers if necessary). All this sounds great but wait until we mention security features too because safety comes first here so be sure not only did we give the ability to link securely while surfing online.

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Protected and fast way!

With Turbo VPN, you can browse the internet securely without being tracked. You will have an anonymous connection and protect your network under WiFi hotspots or any other condition because of military-grade encryption that is used to keep data safe from hackers who may be intercepting them while in transit over public networks like those found at coffee shops, airports, etc. Additionally, with IPsec protocols for added security, there’s no need to worry about compromising traffic when streaming videos on YouTube; gaming online becomes a lot faster thanks to super-fast VPNs (Virtual Private Networks).

A free and liberating solution

Do you feel like your internet provider is watching what sites and apps you go onto? If so, then this might be the perfect solution for a free VPN. All it will take to connect is one click!

Download the secure, fast, and free Turbo VPN! Secure your online activities and enjoy your favorite sites now!


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Turbo VPN App Update

We have optimized the connection process to connect faster.


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